How will office space change after Covid?

A question I get asked at least once a week. There's no denying that since the arrival of Covid, the ...
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Covid Coworking Sensible

COVID Sensible Coworking A few weeks into our return to coworking life at Cape Town Office, in a COVID sensible ...
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Phased Return

Today marks 77 days of lock-down in South Africa. It’s been a long, very long period of social isolation and ...
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Not quite time

As we ease our lockdown in South Africa, the temptation to hit the streets, parks, and beaches on the 1st ...
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We need to talk about meetings

and the unbelievable amount of time they consume Spending time with remote workers over the years, this is an old ...
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Stay Focused

Tips & Tricks from digital nomads The world, well except for the UK it seems, is under lockdown. People have ...
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Grow your business with Cape Town Office

Where are we? Now that the South African budget for 2020 has been delivered, we can all stop speculating about ...
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Ollie and the Captain Digital Nomads

10 Reasons Why Digital Nomads Always Return To Cape Town Office

Some of our members travel the world, and we’ve noticed a high number of digital nomads returning to CTO. To ...
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future of coworking

The Future of Coworking

What a time to be alive! The world’s absurd political situation, the near-possibility of self-driving cars and the existence of ...
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psychology of coworking

Psychology Behind Coworking

It’s no secret that the number of coworking spaces is increasing at a rapid rate, on a global scale. The ...
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