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I often get asked “what other businesses are in the space”, so thought it was time for an update. What’s lovely is the variety of “trades” we have here at Cape Town Office which really creates opportunity for everyone to naturally network. Also, some of you might be interested to learn that not all our members are Entrepreneurs either. We have three companies that use CTO as a base for their employees, two in the UK and one in the USA. We also had our very first UNISA undergraduate join the CTO this month as he simply needed a quiet, focused space to do his studying from away from home.

Sometimes its not about anything more than breaking the dreaded isolation curse that so many people face when working from home. Socially a space like this can be very uplifting and naturally help someone who might be stuck in a rut change tact in their business to gain better results. Sometimes its just a bit of human interaction that’s required to lift the spirits after a tough day in the office and comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. Many other Entrepreneurs have been in your position and there is a way out!

We have Graphic designers, Content creators, Financial analyst, Aluminum Composite Panels suppliers, Architects, Software developers specializing in interactive digital display installations, Knitwear, Not for profit, Videographer and even Tour operators and more…

Here’s a quick list…

Shane / Ridhu / Richard, Digital genii of RenderHeads

Ronelle, Founder of TREK outdoor survival gear  and Graphic Designer, GraficTrafic

Rethabile, Founder of  Thope Foundation

Michael, Website guru of Solutions Web

David, Entrepreneur and Founder of NitroCreamy & Missing Piece Films 

Thorsten, Social Media Consultations and Website Design / www.thorsteneggert.com

Julian, Chief of Head Stream Water Solutions

Naomi, Operations behind Khuluma Education

Anthony, Sales engine of DrinC

Pete, Illustrator and Founder of LightSpeedDesign

Annie, Inbound Product and Operations Manager for Jacada Travel

Tobias & Ann-Marie, Founders and Creative monkeys behind LEVR Creations. (Architects / Interior Design / Furniture)

Kevin, Sales & Marketing engine of Chocolate & Love

Amy, Designer for Top Left Design UK

Dylan & Meagan, Support operators for Order Talk US

Andrew, Freelance online marketing  & content creator for www.capetownbig6.co.za www.capepoint.co.za www.civair.co.za

Roberto, Energy Trading Analyst for Trailstone

Sean, Sales Genius for Alcobond 

Lizelle (that’s me), Founder of LVR – Business to Business lead generation / marketing

John & Sonja of Big Blue Sky Tours – Independent Tour Operators

Brigitta, who with her mom run a small family business supplying quality Knitwear to South African high street retailers

Denise, in the throws of writing a book & doing her Post PHD

Guiseppe, doing his Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing via Unisa

Roelf, Founder of Extra Mile Cabs (Pty) Ltd

Johann, our resident IT guru – MyIT FIX (website coming soon)

So, that’s the current list of CTO members and more joining us every week now which is just brilliant. Keep in touch via Twitter @capetownoffice or Facebook /capetownoffice for all the goings on at CTO. If this sounds like it could be a solution for you, don’t wait – pop in & see what you’re missing out on!

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