Silicon (Cape) Valley

Cape Town has an incredible mix of talented ‘creatives’ not to mention the plethora of savvy business people across many fields and platforms. This, mixed up with the consistently improving structure and stability of technologies and access to them is allowing this beautiful cities reputation for becoming the next silicon valley to present as a very real and exciting future! But, is it coming quick enough and, will it fly?

Start-up ventures cannot exist without the right environment. The reason Silicon Valley in the US and Bangalore in India have become innovation hubs is because they have the right environment for entrepreneurs. The goal of the Silicon Cape initiative is to figure out what must be done to create a similar supporting environment in Cape Town.

Government has a big role to play, albeit indirectly, by focusing on enabling the right conditions and playing a role in education. Also, tax breaks are important for people willing to take the risks to start new ventures.

The availability and accessibility of descent internet & phone lines at affordable prices are essential if South Africa wishes to continue toward this potential, bright future.

What is the future for this city that harnesses such fantastic potential? So many issues plague this country, issues of politics, racism, xenophobia, economical infrastructure, monopolies and more. Can it change as it needs in order to move forward? Will Cape Town pioneer a change in business for the entire country, and with the increasing influx of foreign investment, what will come next…..?





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