Psychology Behind Coworking

It’s no secret that the number of coworking spaces is increasing at a rapid rate, on a global scale. The benefits of flexibility, productivity and creativity are bold advertisements for the shift towards the dynamic workspace.

It’s estimated that 40% of the US workforce will be freelancers or independent contractors by 2020. That is a large population of people looking for a space to work. Not to mention established businesses that flourish in coworking spaces.

So, what is the trick to be able to thrive? Coworking spaces work as well as they do for a reason, and the psychology behind the coworking benefits are worth looking into.

psychology of coworking

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Let’s be honest, when your time spent at work equals approximately 40 hours a week, you definitely want the space you spend your time in to be productive and stress-free. Environmental psychology is a branch of science that explores how our space affects how we think, feel and act. Essentially, the space where we spend a (very large) portion of our week should make us feel happy and not stressed.

The great news is that coworking spaces understand the potential effects of the working environment and prioritize developing an enriching space. The second Global Co-working Survey shows how this theory is practically demonstrated by revealing key insights – such as 70% of coworkers felt healthier than they did when working in the traditional office setting.

Agency and Control

Want to kill someone’s passion? Remove their agency. Giving people control to complete their work in the way that best suits them is a sure way to improve work quality in an empowering way.

Micro-managing is not a term synonymous with coworking, which is why the restrictions and – dare I say it – fear that comes along with traditional hierarchical authority is not prevalent in the coworking space. The communal and “democratic” atmosphere of coworking boosts productivity as employees build confidence.

Meaningful Work and Autonomy

Directly related to the above point on agency and control, freelancers and employees that have more autonomy with their work end up producing better results. When you are satisfied with your work environment, you are able to dedicate your energy fully to your work, and your work becomes more meaningful.

The same Global Coworking survey reveals that up to 90% of coworkers admit to improved self-confidence when compared to the traditional office setting. This confidence is translated into meaningful work fuelled by confident passion.


The corporate space has a reputation for being cut-throat. This environment is counter-productive for a lot of people who don’t flourish in the isolation of competition. Even for people that do, the constant pressure to be “the” best can damage the benefits achieved by teamwork and unity. On the other hand, working from home alone can often result in loneliness, distractions, and lack of motivation.

Coworking spaces have a reputation for being inclusive, creative and supportive. This environment gives employees the chance to grow within their personal and professional networks. Community is one of our priorities at CTO, and we’ve built a tribe of like-minded, hard-working professionals who know how to kick back, talk smack and bounce around innovate ideas – in between meeting deadlines of course. This drastically improves the work-life balance.

coworking community

Flexibility To Be Productive

Finally, the coworking environment encourages flexibility which means that people can work when they are most productive. Don’t believe us?

  • 64% of coworkers claim to better meet their deadlines
  • 68% say they are better able to focus in a coworking space

That’s a significantly higher focus and time-management rate which directly relates to earnings, quality of work, and happy workers!

If you want to benefit from the many psychological benefits of a coworking space, drop us a message. Whether you are a freelancer, startup or established business, the positive effects are the same. Not ready to take the plunge? We are happy to show you around our space so you can get a physical feel of the office.