As we ease our lockdown in South Africa, the temptation to hit the streets, parks, and beaches on the 1st of June is strong. We’ve been kept indoors with minimal movement for 60+ days now so the need for movement is not surprising.  But now is not quite time.  

Whatever your beliefs on the validity of data or even the existence of the virus itself, put that aside for a moment. Consider the following. The Southern Hemisphere is moving into winter and with that comes a variety of colds and cases of flu and we are the carriers. Looking at the Northern Hemisphere, you can’t help but feel it’s a glimpse into our future. A looking glass of sorts in what might happen if we don’t take heed.  

Surge or no surge

I don’t know when South Africa might hit the expected surge, or even if we will, but I do know that we do not have the capacity to deal with it. Our health care system is fragile. I’m aware that most of you reading this in South Africa will have private medical aid so you might think that this won’t really have any impact on you but think again. And even if you are “lucky” enough to get the care you need, do you really want to put yourself or your loved ones in that position?  

Checking in

Yesterday we had a group discussion on where Level 3 might leave Cape Town Office. The discussion was frank and honest, and members expressed both their desire to jump at the opportunity of coming to the office and at the same time raising personal concerns about unnecessary exposure. I get that. As a business, trust me the idea of staying closed is as foreign to me as the virus itself. My instinct is to open, to clean as best I can, and to allow the office to once again be the vibrant place it was before Covid-19. But I can’t.  

Our mantra at Cape Town Office is “Look after yourself, Each other and This place.” and that is it. I cannot risk the health or even the lives of my fellow coworkers, my colleagues, and my staff for the sake of escaping this unnatural period of isolation. Now is the time to sit tight. Now is the time to dig even deeper and accept that it’s not quite time. 

Return to “normal”

The time will come when we can work, play, and be together again and I wish I knew when that will be, but I don’t. As frustrating as the wait can be, I know the alternative is worse.  

Keep in touch with your coworkers, now more than ever. Video calls and meetings are exhausting and they’re a far cry from the ‘real thing’, but it’s what we have. As my sister pointed out this morning, imagine it was 1985… no mobile phones, no internet, and no VHS either because the video shop is probably closed too. Grim!

Our community is open to new members to join us on a digital level, so if you’re feeling isolated and in need of interaction with other freelancers and remote workers, we’d love to have you Send me a message through the website or call me to discuss how that works.  

Stay safe folks.  

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26 May 2020

Looking forward to coming back to CTO so much!