First blog…news…update for Cape Town Office, how exciting. If you’ve read ‘our story’ I’ll not bore you too much with the background here, but it’s been some journey and I love every minute of it.

Emerging myself back into the social swing of Cape Town and its business pulse is what I love most of all. Being in the hub-a-bub of what is fast becoming creative tech central here on Roeland Street I can’t help but feel energised by the abundance of super talented, enthusiastic and dare I say bohemian flavour that this town has to offer. To say its electric is a little cheesy, yes…but really the only word I can think appropriate for it.

The construction is a little bit of a headache no doubt, but as the saying goes…no pain … no gain! When it’s done this building is going to rock Roeland Street…with an additional 2 floors, new swanky lift, brand new foyer, refurbished stairwell and did I mention some pools on the roof…Oh yeah!

On an infrastructure note (she touches wood) … So Far So Goood! Telkom have delivered on its promise of a genuine 10 Mbps internet connection and since we changed the router (thanks Dan) it’s been very reliable and consistently fast. Just the other day we had someone pop in for the day and the sole purpose of his visit was for the fast internet speed we have to offer. He’s a video editor by trade and had the task of uploading video files to a client in the UK. He’d tried a few alternatives before finding the Cape Town Office Facebook page (thanks Mr Zuckerberg) and gave me a call to see if he could come in.

Here’s what he had to say after his CTO experience…

CTO was a great find the other day. To be honest, I’m sure the place will be much more comfortable to visit with less construction, and more patrons, so in essence, a more relaxed “vibe”. But yah, I’m sure that’s on its way.
Overall very cool place, glad i found it.
Cool. Good luck

So far so good people….will keep you posted on news etc. in the coming weeks and in the meantime I’d love to hear your comments & feedback either here or on our Facebook page. If you haven’t liked us, please do and you can also find us on Twitterererer!


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Marius van Jaarsveld

6 April 2011

I need to experience the CTO myself. See you soon at CTO!!