The Future of Coworking

What a time to be alive! The world’s absurd political situation, the near-possibility of self-driving cars and the existence of soap that smells like cat food (yes, it exists) is enough to make us believe that anything is possible.

We find it really exciting to see where the coworking space will be in a couple of years time. We have already discussed the psychological benefits of coworking, and what is driving established businesses to make use of the space, but what is the future of coworking?

future of coworking

Future of Coworking Goes Full Steam Ahead

The move to coworking is showing no signs of slowing down. The business environment in all capacities is constantly being re-shaped by the advances of technology and the rise of a mobile workforce.

According to the Bangkok Post, we can expect more and more multinational firms looking for flexible lease agreements as the cost of real estate becomes increasingly concerning. And just like that, coworking spaces solve another business problem!

With millennials as the upcoming dominant “working generation”, companies are starting to rethink their approach to the working environment. It is now a priority to generate a space that is more agile and encourages innovation and collaboration

However, this growth is nothing new (as we are well aware). Last year August, coworking made up nearly one-third of Manhattan’s office leases. It seems that the flexibility, innovation, and collaboration provided by coworking spaces is not just a trend.

That puts coworking’s inevitability out of the way. Now, let’s have a look at some of the more “unique” coworking developments that we can expect.

Would You Like A Bicep Curl With That Desk, Boet?

Fitness brands are starting to fuse efforts with coworking spaces. Together they provide a physical escape and break away from the hypnotic light of the computer screen – without stealing too much time out of the workday. These coworking-gym hybrids are becoming increasingly popular.

Coworking spaces around the world are starting to partner with various fitness outlets. Rock-climbing gyms, yoga studios and functional training gyms are now giving coworkers an opportunity to achieve better work-life balance in a convenient and efficient way.

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Coworking Replacing Institutions

When last did you walk into a bank? Chances are, you most likely opened up your mobile banking app. From there, you can make the necessary payment, transfer or balance check from the palm of your hand. With more banks improving their digital services, their physical presence is no longer needed in high demand.

An interesting suggestion put forward by the Financial Brand is that banks should start converting their underutilized space into high tech meeting spaces for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The first bank entering the coworking market has already happened in Poland, but that’s not all.

There is also talk of Idea Hub creating coworking spaces on the likes of train cars. This will help people have meetings on the way to work.

coworking on a train

Image credit: The Financial Brand

Coworking Virtual Spaces

Sounds strange right? Entrepreneur predicts that virtual coworking spaces are going to be a part of the near-future entrepreneurial’s lifestyle, allowing people from virtual spaces to connect with others through an online portal.

“At its most basic, this will mean an online portal where people work from virtual rooms, meaning that members of a given “space” will have their cameras on, and be able to communicate with other members of the room, just as if they were together “for real.”

To some degree, technology already exists to make this possible with the likes of Complice.co’s feature called “rooms”. Another example is My Work Hive which allows for a deeper level of realism when meeting virtually.

Be A Part of the Revolution

With coworking showing no sign of slowing down, the economic landscape is shifting to better take advantage of the many advantages that coworking provides.

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