Right, been a while so time for a quick update on what’s what here @ CTO!

First off some developments on the building. 62 Roeland is undergoing a massive transformation with the addition of 2 floors (6 & 7), a new lift, new entrance with coffee shop etc and a massive overhaul of the stairwell etc… I’ve seen the plans and believe me its going to be AMA’zing… and oh did I mention a restaurant upstairs with 3 infinity pools with a view to die for….360 pano from Devils Peak to Lions Head!!!

How’s that for a view!

Ok…so that’s the awesome part. The not so awesome part is the construction in between. Its messy, noisy sometimes and a bit of a pain, but as the adage goes…no pain no gain. However the end is in sight – by October we will be a construction free zone and I dare say the shiniest toy on the whole of Roeland Street!

What else…oh yes – we’ve got development starting on the 2nd and 3rd space on the floor that’ll be purpose designed for Workshops, Training Sessions, Boardroom type meeting actions and some smaller private meeting spaces for 2-4 people. I’ll keep you posted on that, but budget has been set and we’re just about good to go! *yay*

In light of said messiness I’m offering a reduction on the desks of 50% until completion in October that will still include access to the 10 Meg wifi and all the coffee you can drink… although I must warn against too much of the black medicine as it makes you talk reeeealy fast!

That’s the update for now – have a  happy May!