10 Reasons Why Digital Nomads Always Return To Cape Town Office

Some of our members travel the world, and we’ve noticed a high number of digital nomads returning to CTO. To find out why they keep coming back, we sat down with Ollie and the Captain, two of our longest-standing members. Here’s what they had to say about returning to CTO and using it as their home base.

Ollie and the Captain Digital NomadsCape Town Office (CTO) holds a very special place in both of our hearts, and not just because it is the best co working space Cape Town has to offer, but for several different reasons that contribute to making CTO our “home base” of choice.

Over the past year or so, we’ve set up our lives to be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world as digital nomads. Our general itinerary involves traveling for three months in different destinations around the world and then returning back to Cape Town for another three months before leaving again.

Every time we return back to Cape Town, we find ourselves knocking on the door of CTO.  As one of the best coworking spaces in Cape Town, CTO has a lot to offer us, but not just us – digital nomads, entrepreneurs and businesses from all over the world!

What Is A Digital Nomad?

The term “digital nomad” has become a buzz word describing those with itchy feet and a heart to travel. The lifestyle gives hard workers the opportunity to grow their careers while exploring the world.

While the dream is sweet, successfully working as a digital nomad requires hard work and a lot of planning. One of the important pillars of successfully working as a digital nomad is to invest in a productive workspace that allows you to focus and develop your chosen career. Having the perks of community, high-speed internet and a being in a convenient location is vital.

Ollie and Candi in Rio

CTO is not only where our digital nomad dreams began, but it is the foundation of their successful continuation. Here we explore ten reasons why we always find ourselves returning to Cape Town Office.

Top 10 Reasons CTO Is The Ultimate Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular and this is reflected in the rising demand for productive workings places. If you are looking for a coworking space in Cape Town, we suggest you start (and end) at CTO – and here’s why.

view from cape town office

1. Community

The community at CTO is unparalleled. Whether you are walking into their bright open space for the first time or the millionth, there will be a friendly face to greet you. The community at CTO offers the perfect balance between a comfortable support network while maintaining the focus of individual work. With Lizzy as the matriarch, you can be sure that there will be a steady supply of conversation in the common areas, and plenty of socials to keep you entertained!

2. The View

If you are looking for shared office space, Cape Town Office won’t let you down. The view alone is reason enough to spend a day at the office. With Table Mountain as the backdrop, taking up the space of the large windows, it’s no wonder that the office has a history of groups gathering for sunrise hikes!

digital nomads on a hike in Cape Town

3. The Location or ‘Hood’

We can’t think of a better location to have a coworking space. The flexibility of working for yourself means that you can pop out for a quick haircut, grab one of the tastiest bagels in the world for lunch, and do your groceries during a break – all of which are readily available around CTO. Perfectly located in the heart of Cape Town, and a stone’s throw from home, we couldn’t ask for a more perfectly located coworking space.

4. Flexibility of Packages

As digital nomads who enjoy flexibility and autonomy, there’s nothing worse than being tied down to a commitment that you know you might not be able to uphold. CTO understands this lingering concern for nomads and has customized their packages to suit everyone. Their pricing structure is flexible enough to suit both digital nomads and established businesses alike!

5. High-Speed Internet

What’s worse than waiting longer than 5-seconds for a plain-text page to load? Absolutely nothing. Luckily, we never have to worry about this at CTO. In fact, the reliability and speed of the internet are one of our favourite things about the place. With Ollie working in IT, and relying heavily on consistent connectivity, there’s no other place he’d rather be when working on a big project.

6. Networking and Socials

In line with providing a great network of community, CTO also hosts regular social gatherings and networking events that serve several purposes – from bringing a smile to your face to your next business deal! From the bright orange job board for the shy worker to the regular pub lunches, it won’t be long until you prioritize CTO as an important business tool.

7. The Big Screen

Now, this is a perk worth noting – CTO has a huge projector. Together with the high-speed internet and the fully stocked bar with an easy payment system (Zapper), this is the perfect spot to stream live sport. Fancy watching the Rugby World Cup? CTO has you covered with their vibey atmosphere and supersize projector! Hell, even if you want to watch the TI9 Dota 2 final – CTO has you covered!

dota on the projector at CTO

8. Productive Workspace

Traveling a lot means that you want your workspace to be reliable and fully kitted. CTO understands this and provides in every way possible. On the snack front, there’s coffee, popcorn, and a fully-stocked bar to keep you focused all hours of the day, regardless of your odd hours. There are meeting rooms that are fully kitted with HD screens, different desk configurations in case you are working as a team, a phone booth to make your calls without disturbing the space, and printing amenities (among other perks)! Everything that you need, CTO has, making it the best coworking space Cape Town has to offer!

9. Secure 24-Hour Access

There’s no value that you can attribute to security at all hours of the day, and yet CTO provides. The security guards on the ground floor have become family, making it feel as though you are walking into your home whenever you arrive for work. Understanding that global travelers work at odd hours, all of the perks and amenities that CTO offers during the day, they also offer at 2 am! All of a sudden conference calls with the office in the United States seem far more comfortable.

10. You Might Find Love (We Did)

Now, we don’t want to warp expectations, but this bonus perk is very likely. We met each other several years ago at CTO. Thanks to the community, 24-hour access and coffee machine, water cooler conversation quickly led to pillow talk and now we are traveling the world together – but always returning to CTO where the romance began!

The Best Coworking Space in Cape Town

Cape Town is a bustling city, and undoubtedly one of the best digital nomad destinations in the world. CTO will always be a place that we return to, providing a place of comfort, productivity, and community.

There really is no place like home, and CTO is well-deserving of that badge (along with the badge of 2019 Coworker Members’ Choice Award).