Coworking isn’t the future

Coworking is here and now!

In recent years, the concept of coworking spaces has become increasingly necessary as more and more people are choosing to work remotely. A shared working environment where individuals can work together while retaining their independence isn’t the future, it’s here and now. The question that arises is why social work places lead to greater productivity and quality of work compared to working alone, from home.

Several studies have been conducted on this subject, and the results show that social work environments are more conducive to productivity than working alone. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review found that people who work in such spaces are more productive, have a stronger sense of community, and are more satisfied with their work compared to those who work in traditional offices or work from home.

Get the Balance right

The study also found that people who choose in coworking spaces tend to have better control over their work-life balance, which leads to a healthier and happier lifestyle. The social aspect helps individuals combat loneliness and isolation, which can have negative effects on mental health and work performance.

Spaces like Cape Town Office provide a platform for individuals to network and collaborate, leading to better quality work. A study by Deskmag found that 71% of respondents reported an increase in creativity and collaboration after joining a co-working space.

Most respondents said they are more motivated (85%) and have better interaction with other people (88%) since they moved into a co-working space.

Small companies have also used this resource to great effect. By providing an affordable and flexible workspace, small companies can operate in a professional environment without the overhead costs associated with renting traditional office space. Additionally, coworking spaces provide small companies with access to a community of like-minded professionals, leading to collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

In its early days, Airbnb used coworking spaces to work on its website design and marketing strategies. Benefiting from the social aspect, gaining inspiration and guidance from other professionals.

The sense of community, a healthier work-life balance and being less distracted by the fridge at home is why spaces like ours remain a go-to for professionals.