Is there a difference….There most certainly is.

I’ve been doing this collaborative workspace now for nearly two years and it still fascinates me how little people understand the subtle, yet rather important distinction between these three numbers.

Today (and the reason for the blog topic) we received a rather lovely listing in a local (free) newspaper called City Views. We’re in the middle, centre piece if you will, and listed as the No.1 HOT DESK spot in the city of Cape Town *ta-daaa*. What I found most interesting is that nobody from City Views gave me a quick call before going to print to find out exactly what it is we do here and actually what the difference is between the old faithful Internet Cafe, The Internet Hotspot and the rather trendy Hot desk.

Although we do position ourselves as a Hot Desk kinda vibe, we’re really a bit more than that. What we provide folks with is a space they can call theirs for the time they need it, not just for a few hours in a day, but really as a show of commitment to their trade or craft that this is where they come to focus and work.  There is trust involved and a mutual respect between all the folks who use the space here and so far (touch wood) no one has abused this. This is why it’s very difficult indeed to allow someone who just walks off the street to come in here and share this space and I dare say even in big cities this is surely the case too.

So, if you’re looking for a place to access the internet for a few hours, use an Internet Cafe – if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee and some talent to keep you amused, go to a Hotspot and if you’re looking for a more permanent home away from home (without the ball and chain of a 12 month lease + the furniture) then you’re in Cape Town Office territory.

All in my very humble opinion of course.


Ps. Some very hot talent here too btw…