As 2012 approaches…

Shoh, what a year 2011 has been and its hard to believe that its nearing its festive end as I write this, but ‘ho-ho so it goes’. A quick recap of this year, not too much as I don’t want to bore you all to tears, eventful is one way to describe it as we entered into the world of CTO and that’s pretty much how its ended. We’ve had some amazingly talented people move through the space as the year progressed and it’s nothing short of a delight seeing how the space has transformed into a working office space for likeminds to work, network and create!

Some bad stuff however too, which in the air of keeping the balance in tact should also be mentioned. Unfortunately we had a rotten ‘apple’ in the form of a tenant who neglected to pay his bills and sadly we had to ask him to leave. It saddens me to have to even mention that but I guess in the big grown up world of business things are never perfect and what started out as a promising business relationship ended quite badly. I feel I need to warn those that read this post to steer clear of the likes of Mr Stuart  Minnaar – Director of Studentology. Not only did he not make good on his (many promises) but sadly one of the freelancers in CTO was also stung quite badly having done a fortune of work for Mr Minnaar and as yet has not seen a cent for all this hard work. Consider yourself warned of this charlatan.

On to 2012 and some what better news now.

CTO will be moving to larger premises in the New Year to coincide with the completion of 62 Roeland and we’re all bursting at the seams with sheer excitement. Our current 112 square meter space has served us well but in the vein of moving upwards and onwards we’re keen to expand with our original goal of creating fantastic Networking / Training / Workshop space in addition to the Desks we currently have, so watch this space Cape Town.

We’re also giggling with absolute joy at the news this year of Cape Town being named The World Design Capital in 2014check the official site for more on that – http://www.capetown2014.co.za/ The fact that CTO is smack bang in the centre of the action I dare say has a small part to play in our giggling, so we’re totally amped (as the kids say) to see how this part of the city transforms herself in the coming months.

What else…errr oh yes… Cape Town continued the party at the announcement that Table Mountain is officially listed as one of the 7th wonders of the world – something we’re all so very proud of and somewhat cheekily boastful of when we entertain visitors. Yep, it’s hard …so hard to live in this beautiful city… Errr NOT!

One last thing to mention here is that the current CTO space is now open and up for sharing with another company. We’ve got 50 squares of office space up for grabs at around R80 a square which I’m sure you’ll agree is a bit of a steal. Here’s a link to the advert as posted on Gumtree this morning and feel free to share with all your contacts please. It’s a great space to work from with some great neighbours on the floor such as Platform Architects and Warren Editions.

Gumtree ad –> http://ow.ly/7GXNj

Have a good one over the festivities folks and stay safe out there!

All the best for 2012 from me and all the folks @ CTO!