No, not really… well let’s hope not otherwise this is quite the prophetic post.

Gosh, really can’t believe we’re nearing the final stretch (painful as it might be) of 2012. It’s been a year and then some and as a giant sigh is echoed across the land in the knowledge that in just a few short weeks we’ll all be trapped in a house with our “loved ones” wearing funny jumpers (for those in the North) or really cheesy T-shirts (for those in the South), sipping on cheap wine (because uncle jack is a bargain hunter) and wishing that the TV would just explode if we have to hear Boney-M’s Drummer Boy one more time! ¬†Aaaah Christmas… how we love thee!

I’m off to have a small festive with my new family and rather looking forward it has to be said. This year it’ll be a hot one (no doubt) with sunscreen and cold beer in abundance … and preferably in that order too. The office will close it’s doors around the 21st, but as an Entrepreneur or indeed Small business owner never really stops I’m sure some of the guys might pop in over the Festive weeks just to check in and make sure everything is still in one piece.

It’s been a really terrific year at the office with new faces joining us from as far afield as the States and Ireland and local Saffas too … So here’s a big big thank you to all you lovelies who’ve made my year that much more colourful!

  • Brandon from ASA Media ~~ slowly but surely taking over the world (watch out Branson)…one Helostrap at a time ūüėČ
  • Chris from Xphotography ~~ photo editor by day and celebrity stalker by lunch (Charlize did not look happy in that shot)
  • Taryn, Devlin & SK from Evoluu ~~ adding style to the corporate world & all things digital creative
  • Barry ~~ our resident Irishman that does very clever software things in the world on online casinos
  • Jennifer ~~ all the way from Minisota… (no not really it’s Claremont right?) doing some amazing work with NGO’s in Africa
  • Suzanne ~~ New Jersian (is that even a word) … who’s proud to be an American once again after the Obama¬†re-election (us too btw)
  • Angus from African Storybook¬†~~ Apple Mac junkie by nature… Elephant stalker by design and a rather good programme maker for Carte Blanche. (Thanks a mil for finding the toilet key)
  • Paula from¬†ResRequest ~~ a rather clever lady doing some awesome work with these guys based in Durban…
  • Crystal from CV Recruitment ~~ our very own in house recruitment go-to lady
  • Alex & Lawrence from ABO ~~ solving your Admin hassles very stylishly indeed
  • Ronelle from Graffic Traffic ~~ this is one busy lady who’s not only got her very own product line (TREK) in all Cape Union Mart and Outdoor Wharehouse stores nationwide, but also designs the most beautiful things from naughty chocolates to golf tournament brochures! #Inspirational
  • Robyn from¬†Word-on-the-Street Media ~~ another fine example of a go-getting entrepreneur who’s taking over the world (well Cape Town for now) one contract at a time…. Go girl!

So that’s the crazy lot that have invaded the Cape Town Office this year and from the bottom of my heart guys… it’s been REAL!

Here’s to a soooper fruitful 2013 for all and may we all make squillions of money, buy that sports car /¬†yacht (or whatever’s on the¬†visualisation¬†board)¬†¬†and party like it’s 1999 come the 31st of December.

Have a great one kidz ūüôā